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Wooden Shoe Reviews: The Magic Labyrinth

In Magic Labyrinth the players play as magician’s apprentices racing to be the first to collect 5 magic symbols on an open board seems easy enough right? Until you run into an invisible wall that is. Each of the pawns is connected to a metal ball bearing under the board via a magnet in its base. The ‘magic walls’ are hidden underneath the board so you don’t know you’re crossing one *plop* your ball bearing falls off and you have to start over again.

But can you remember where the wall was? What about the walls other people hit?

If you forget your way you are doomed to stumble through the invisible maze trying to reach the magic symbol before the other players. Each time a player reaches the randomly selected magic symbol another is drawn from the bag and the hunt begins again. The rules show two different ways to set up the maze but since the setups can be modified slightly for a challenge if desired. The game is quick and easy to learn but challenging enough that we keep coming back for more and it has been a favorite in the Wooden Shoe home since we picked it up.

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked the maze aspect of the game but that you had to learn the maze as you went since you couldn’t see the walls. I liked the art work for the symbols I thought it was really cool. I enjoyed watching other people run into the walls and figuring out where to go because of that. I especially liked this game because I won.
10 Stars

Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that there were two ways to set up the game, ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ which makes it different each time and more fun. It was kind of like a memory game but also had more strategy. I did not like how the balls kept falling every time I forgot the path and ran into a wall making me start over. I got lucky and managed to be near the symbols when they were drawn so I managed to beat Daddy and almost win. I LOVE THIS GAME!
10 Stars

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