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Wooden Shoe Reviews: The Good Dinosaur Roarin’ River Game

Wooden Shoe Reviews presents The Good Dinosaur: Roarin’ River Game now with 100% more Nod.

The Good Dinosaur Roarin’ River

Play as Arlo and his friends in this cooperative game where you race the oncoming rapids to reach the end in time. The game is an easy game made for ages 4 and up with a familiar spin and move mechanic. On their turn players spin to see if they either move to the next colored space or advance the rapids. The movement follows the all too familiar mechanic of children’s games where the player advances to the next available colored space as the color the spinner landed on. If the spinner lands on one of the Rapids spaces the rapids are advanced one or two spaces moving ever closer to the players.


In addition to this there are 4 available ‘Help’ tokens the players can pick up by landing on their corresponding spaces, these allow the player to forfeit his turn and help another player move forward further from harms way. If the rapids move too quickly and bump into one of the players then they are swept down river and all of the players lose.
This game is a good introduction to younger players teaching them about cooperation and that they may need to spend one of their turns to help an unlucky player who has fallen behind and is in danger.

The components were disappointing with boards warping which causes the rapids tile to have to be held in place constantly to keep it from moving while the players spin the attached spinner. If not for the pasted on theme we probably wouldn’t own this one shake.

Wynken Thoughts:

I didn’t like that if one person got hit by the river everyone lost and that you can’t use the help tokens to help yourself. I liked that if you use a help token you can help someone else move forward so we don’t lose the game then you can put it back.
6 Stars

Blynken Thoughts:

I like how the help tokens could move someone to a safer spot on your turn but you can’t use it on yourself. I don’t like that if one player is hit by the river everyone loses. This game was very easy but we lost a lot.
5 Stars

Nod Thoughts:

I died the first time we played this but we all won the second time. I liked playing as Arlo and helping people and Blynken played as the guy with the big mouth. I love this game a lot I had so much fun!
7 Stars

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