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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Sneaky Cards

Sneaky Cards


This is not going to be our typical style of review but Sneaky Cards by Gamewright Games is not the typical game.  Sneaky Cards consists of a pack of cards each with a task designed to brighten someone’s day and spread joy wherever they go.  Each card has a unique code which allows it to be logged and tracked online so that the owner can see how far their cards have spread.  The goal of the game is to give away all of the cards in the deck, forever.  To do this you must complete the task on the card ranging from passing the card to someone that made you smile to giving it along with a homemade greeting card or piece of origami.  

The cards themselves all fall into 6 color coded categories and are each of a varying degree of complexity.  Blue Cards: Engage with others and test your audacity.  Red Cards: Connect with people and objects.  Yellow Cards:  Use your sneakiness and spread some joy through espionage.  Green Cards: Do good and give to others.  Purple Cards:  Challenge yourself in new and interesting ways.  Pink Cards:  Mark art with a purpose.  

So far we’ve managed to pass along a handful of our cards and are looking forward to figuring out how to pass along the most.


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