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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Slamwich


Slamwich is a fast paced card game for 2-6 players ages 6+ from Gamewright.  In the game you are trying to build and eat the biggest sandwich possible and be the last player at the table.  To play the game deal out out all of the cards and players take turns flipping over cards and adding them to the stack on the table.   

When certain events events occur in the game it triggers events that require quick thinking and fast reflexes.  

  • Double Decker: (two matching cards are played one after the other on the sandwich stack).  The first player to slap the stack picked up all of the cards and adds it to their pile of cards.
  • Slamwich: (same as the Double Decker but with a non-matching card sandwiched between them).  The first player to slap the stack picked up all of the cards and adds it to their pile of cards.
  • Thief cards: (someone or something taking of with you sandwich).  The first player to slap the stack and yell “STOP THIEF” gets the stack.
  • Muncher cards:   You’re trying to eat the sandwich before anyone can.  Each Muncher card has a number, the next player must play that number of cards onto the stack.  I they don’t play another muncher, thief, slamwich, or double decker the player who played the muncher card gets the stack of cards.

Play continues in this fashion until one person has the whole deck at which point it is shuffled and played again…and again…at least until everyone realizes that anchovies, gummy bears, and french toast don’t make a good sandwich combination even if you slather on the mustard.


Wynken Thoughts:


I liked the funny sandwich combinations and slapping the cards to get the sandwich stack.  I also liked slapping the stack when certain cards came up and trying to be the first one to get it.  I liked watching for patterns like “tuna, french toast, tuna” (seriously who is making that sandwich).  

9/10 Stars


Blynken Thoughts:

I liked the thief cards because they let you get the sandwich from other people even if they have played a Muncher.  I also liked the patterns or double deckers or slamwiches (I just liked slapping cards).  I liked seeing the funny combinations in the sandwich it was gross and funny.  

8/10 Stars


And now a special note from ‘Wooden Shoe Mom’:  I liked watching them slap each other trying to get the cards.  

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