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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is a new party game or 3-5 players that plays in about 15 minutes.  In the game you take on the role of either a chicken or fox and attempt to load up the barns with your team.  The only problem is that everyone knows that team you are on but you.   To play the game players deal remove one fox and chicken card for each player and shuffle them together dealing one card out to each player.  Players then place their dealt card on their foreheads revealing it to everyone but themselves.  Once you have a good idea of what everyone else is playing and no idea what you are the cards are placed on the table and the remaining chicken/fox cards are shuffled with the rest of the deck and dealt to the players.   After the cards are dealt players pass one card at a time to either their right or left (depending on the round) and try to get the cards for the strategy they plan on using based on what they think their character is.

When all the card are handed out players take turns placing one card in one of the barns in front of each player and revealing a previously played card if there are any.  Players on the fox team want to have at least one fox in the barns with a many chickens as possible while chicken players want to have more dogs than foxes in the barns (to keep the chickens played there from being eaten.  in the final step players reveal what team they think they are on by acting out either a fox or chicken.  This step was a favorite in our group as everyone came up with some interesting ways to reveal their suspected team.  Players that choose correctly get two points added to their score.  After this is over all of the cards inside the barns are revealed and players get points for chickens eaten (fox team) or chickens saved (chicken team).

This game is a lighter deduction with interesting mechanics and a fun aspect that makes it a great small party game.  The artwork is simplistic and fun to look at while not detracting from the fun of the game.   Winner winner chicken dinner!


Wynken Thoughts:

This game was fun it was funny watching everyone make animal faces.  It was fun trying to put the animals in the right barn while trying to figure out what animal you were so that you got it right (hopefully).  

8/10 Stars


Blynken Thoughts:  

I liked placing your card on your forehead at the beginning of the game so that everyone else knew what you were that round and that you had to figure it out.  I didn’t like that you couldn’t play as a dog, that was disappointing.   I liked doing the poses of the animals to show what you thought you were.  I liked being a fox because I like eating chicken.  

9/10 Stars

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