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Wooden Shoe Reviews: King of Tokyo

By popular demand Wynken and Blynken of the Wooden Shoe team have asked to take a whack at game reviews.

To start things off we are taking a look at King of Tokyo, the quick thinking dice game that has risen in popularity around the house. The game is easy enough for the younger members with enough complexity and decision making to keep the adults having fun.  In the game 2-6 players take control of a giant monster in an attempt to destroy the city of Tokyo and be the first to collect 20 victory points or be the last one left alive and be crowned King of the rubble. To do this each player rolls a set of 6 dice and attempts to get a desired combination of Victory Points, health, energy, or attacks on other players.

During play players collect energy tokens by through the dice which they can save up to buy cards granting them special abilities, bonus points, extra dice, etc. This adds an extra element to the game taking it from a basic dice rolling smash-fest and adding a little extra depth and theme. The game is well loved by everyone in the house and hits the table often.

And now the thoughts from our very own review team Wynken and Blynken:

Blynken’s Thoughts:
I like how I get to attack Wynken and not get in trouble and using my special cards to give me an advantage in the game. I enjoy this game a lot its “the best game ever” and I want to play it all the time. The different ways to win make the game more fun because I can still win even if I don’t have many points.

Wynken’s Thoughts:
I liked collecting the energy to buy cards which gave me more options and that it played up to 6 players. I enjoyed getting the chance to attack other players (ie: daddy) and would play this game again.

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