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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Final Touch

Final Touch

Final Touch is a card game for 2-4 players ages 8+.  In the game you must work with your fellow artists to make forgeries of famous paintings; each player attempting to be the one to make the final touch on the painting by playing the last card to finish it or ruin the painting preventing other players from profiting as much as they could have.  

To play the game players play paint cards from their hand to either help finish or ruin a copy of a famous painting.  The paintings each have a diagram showing how many paints of each color are required to complete it and how much money it is worth.  Players are allowed to play one or more cards from their hand to work on the painting or one card to try and smudge it.

The player who plays the final card finishing a painting collects it and the money it is worth.  If a player plays a third smudge card the painting is ruined and their opponents earn half the paintings value.  Play continues in this way until a player earns $25 (they also get paid in exposure I guess) winning the game.

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked the artwork in the game because it was really cool and they were funnier versions of real paintings.  I liked that you could smudge a painting so that the other players couldn’t get as many points on their turn.



Blynken’s Thoughts:  

I liked that there were different painting cards that were worth different amounts of points depending on how famous they were and how much it took to complete them.  I also liked seeing seeing the paintings because they were funny to look at and working against the other players to figure out what they were going to do on their turn.  



Nod’s Thoughts:  

I liked that I got to win this game and had a lot of fun.  I liked the funny paintings and smudging them with the wrong colors.  


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