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Wooden Shoe Reviews: 12 Days

12 Days

12 Days is a small, fast card game for 3-5 players 8+.  In the game players earn points by giving, receiving, and playing cards from the classic holiday song of the same name.  The game consists of 12 numbered cards representing each of the 12 days of Christmas and a gift deck comprised of 12 drummers drumming cards, 11 pipers piping cards…..5 GOLDEN RING CARDS…as well as 1 Santa and 1 Mrs Clause card bringing the total to 80 gift cards.  Each player starts the game with a hand of 12 cards which they must use to try and win as many days as possible but also score points at the end through set collection.


Each round players take the following steps:  gifting a card to the player on their left, playing one of their cards to try and win the day card (the first day is worth 1 point, second is worth 2 points, etc), then drawing a card so that they once again have 12 cards in their hand.  This continues until all 12 days have been claimed.  When players have completed the 12th day players total the points earned from the day cards.  In addition to these points players earn bonus points based on who has the most gift cards of that value (the person with the most 12 cards earns 12 points etc.)

The game plays quickly and is easy to learn even for children.  The theme and art work make this an enjoyable game that can be played year round.

Blynken’s Thoughts

I liked that the Santa Clause and Mrs Clause cards were zero cards (automatically winning any day) but if you won you had to give those points away as a gift to another player.  I also liked that the number of cards for each day corresponding to what day it was.  I really like the artwork in this game.

9/10 Stars

Wynken’s Thoughts

I liked the Santa and Mrs Clause cards because you could keep someone else from winning and give those points to someone else.  I also liked that the game was based on the song the 12 Days of Christmas (I liked singing it loudly while we played).  I enjoyed passing cards to other players because it let you get new cards and made you figure out what to give to the other player.

9/10 Stars

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