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Wooden Shoe Game Reviews: Santorini


Santorini is a fast paced building game for 2-4 players ages 8+ currently available from Spin Master.  The game game is easy to learn but presents a level of strategy that increases with each play as players try to out-maneuver each other.  

On their turns players only take two actions:  Move and Build after which it’s the next players turn.  

  • Move:  Players move one of their pieces to an adjacent space.  Players may only move up on level of buildings per turn but may move down any number of levels.  
  • Build:  After moving players build in one of the spaces adjacent to them.  There is no limit on building levels  (a player may build the 4th level of a building while they are standing on the ground next to it).  

The first player to move one of their pieces to the third story of any building immediately wins the game.  If at any time players are unable to move or build with either of their pieces they lose the game.  

Advanced Game:  Once players have learned the base game they can play the advanced game which includes cards for the various Greek gods which can lend their god-like powers to assist the players.  This adds an additional level to the game further increasing its re-playability.  


Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the domes (4th level of the building) stopped people from being able to go on top of the buildings.  I liked the special god cards that allow you to have a special ability to make the game more fun.  

9/10 Stars


Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the different god cards gave you special abilities and allowed you to do special things in the game.  I liked that the domes didn’t allow you to place your piece on top of them because you can’t stand on the roof.  I liked climbing up the buildings but trying to build them up so you could get to the third level.  

9/10 Stars

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