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Wooden Shoe Game Reviews: Go Away Monster!

Go Away Monster!

Go Away Monster! The game where little kids get rid of the monsters for good. Is a game from Gamewright Games 1 to 4 players ages 3+. In the game each player takes a game board with blank spaces for the following items to go: a bed, a teddy bear, a lamp, and a picture. Players take turns reaching into a bag with these items and trying to pull out the item they need. Be careful though, there are also monsters hiding in the bag, each time a monster is pulled out the child looks at it and tells it to “GO AWAY MONSTER” before throwing it back into the box. This was the first game our children played and our copy has seen many hours of play since then. The game teaches children valuable skills like taking turns, matching, and figuring out shapes by feel but also teaches them that they have power over the ‘scary monsters’ of their imagination and can tell them to “GO AWAY” when they start to get scared.

This game has been a favorite in our home for a while and was the first game taught to all of the children. Even though they it is now easy for them and they have moved on to more advanced games it is still requested and hits the table regularly.


Nod Thoughts:

I liked that you can find monsters and THROW THEM IN THE BOX! You get parts of your bed room and when you get them all you win!
10 Stars

Blynken Thoughts:

I liked that the monsters and the bedroom pieces are mixed up in a bag so you don’t know what you’re getting sometimes. When you reach into the bag one of the monsters is shaped like a lamp and you might grab it by mistake. I like throwing the monsters into the box. This is the first game we ever played and I still enjoy playing it a lot with my family.
8.5 Stars

Wynken Thoughts:

I like that when you feel the pieces you can guess if you get the piece you need but you can’t look into the bag to be sure so sometimes you are wrong. This is the first board game we ever played so I still enjoy it but not as much as other games. I don’t like that if you get a monster your turn is over so you don’t get to get a piece for your bedroom.

7 Stars

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