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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

While the farmer’s away the foxes will play.  Or at least that’s what happens in WInner Winner Chicken Dinner, 25th Century Games newest creation coming soon to a Kickstarter near you.  In the game you take on the role of a fox looking to steal as many chickens as they can and cook them into delicious chicken dinners.  

In Winner Winner Chicken Dinner players compete to see who can outfox their friends and nab the most chickens from the coop then cook them up into tasty, tasty chicken dinners.  To do this, players take turns rolling 6 custom dice: 

  • chicken icons allow foxes to steal chickens from the coop and shove them into their bag, 
  • drumsticks allow the player to remove chickens from their bag and cook them up for dinner, 
  • foxes allow the player to purchase special cards that can help them along the way, 
  • dogs move the dog token ever closer to the coop which could end the game before all the chickens are stolen. 

Play continues with the players trying to outwit each other, steal each other’s chickens, and sometimes dancing around the table until either all of the chickens have been stolen or the dog reaches the chicken coop and chases all of the foxes off.  After this occurs the game ends and players score 1 point for each chicken in their bag and 2 points for each chicken dinner eaten. For an extra bonus the game comes with Fox cards which can give each player their own special character and a special ability which adds even more fun and re-playabiity to the game.  These cards and the quickness and easiness of the game made this one a big hit with our team.  

The game can be found on Kickstarter on September 24th at

Wynken:  A funny must have for any chicken dinner loving family. 

Blynken:  A simple strategy game with lots of fun challenges.



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