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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Waldschattenspiel


For a special treat this week we broke out an old classic game from the top shelf of our collection and played Waldschattenspiel (The Shadow Forest Game).  Waldschattenspiel is a game for up to 8 players ages 5 and up (an adult should be present as the game is played with a lit candle).   The game is played in full darkness (or as close as possible to it) so that the board is lit by the candle and the the shadows it casts are easily identifiable.

To play the game players place small wooden trees (included) around the board and all but one player takes a dwarf token and hides it behind one of the trees.  The remaining player is in charge of moving the candle and trying to trap the dwarves in the light.  Once the game is set up the player controlling the candle rolls a D6 and moves along the path on the board without changing directions until reaching a fork in the path.  If any dwarves are caught in the candles light they are frozen in place until rescued by another dwarf.

After the candle has moved any dwarves who are not frozen can move as long as they stay in the shadows and do not cross the light.  In order to rescue frozen dwarves they must move into the same place as them after the light has passed.  The game continues like this until either all of the dwarves are frozen or can gather in the light of a single tree.         

This game can be difficult to find and is not the safest game out there (candles and board games don’t mix well) but is still one of our favorites for special occasions.

Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the trees were different sizes and made different sized shadows.  I had fun going to the edge o the board to try and avoid the candle light and stay in the shadows that way (it didn’t work).  It was fun making plans with the other players so that we could figure out what we were going to do.

10/10 Stars

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that it was like hide and seek and freeze tag at the same time.  I enjoyed trying to get to the same tree as the other dwarves to unfreeze them and to win.  Staying in the shadows was hard because sometimes the candle would move in a direction you didn’t expect and catch you.

9/10 Stars


Nod’s Thoughts:  

I liked that you play this game in the dark and hiding in the shadows is fun.  Its like a game of hide and seek.

10/10 Stars

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