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Vampires Vs Unicorns Review

Vampires vs Unicorns

Vampires vs Unicorns is a card throwing battle game for 2 players ages 10+.  In the game players take control of either the Vampire or Unicorn factions in an attempt to take down the stronghold of the other group before theirs falls.  Each player is given a set of 7 tiles which are removed from the game with increasing difficulty the further they get away from the opponent and a deck of cards which includes characters with special abilities to help them win.

To play the game each player sets up their 7 tiles with the weakest tiles up front (closest to their opponent) and stand behind them throwing cards at their opponents tiles.  From time to time they may draw cards from their deck which allow them to throw additional cards and increase their chances  of scoring a hit.   Tiles that have cards landing on them are removed or flipped over depending on the tile until one player manages to take down the last tile of their opponent or runs out of cards.

The game plays quickly and the challenge of having to throw the cards with some accuracy (or at least not throw them across the room) makes for a fun time and lots of laughs.  In the end we had just as much fun laughing at our own inaccuracy as we did playing the game.

Nod’s Thoughts

I liked the artwork it was really creepy but still fun.  I think the vampires had a cool house and the unicorns had a boring house.   I liked throwing the cards at brothers trying to win.  

10/10 Stars


Blynken’s Thoughts

I liked that the unicorns and vampires had different kinds of special attacks but were still close because it made the game a little more fun because you never know what card they are going to draw.  It was a lot of fun trying to throw the cards at the other player’s tiles because I don’t get to throw cards in any of our other games.  The artwork was a lot of fun and was really cool to look at.

9/10 Stars


Wynken’s Thoughts

I liked the art work it was really well done and gave the game a creepy feeling.  I liked that if you got the other person’s tiles completely gone except for their castle/tower that you could then win by getting any card touching that tile.  I liked that the players had special cards that let you throw more than one card sometimes even though it made you use cards faster which could be bad.   It was really hard to throw the cards where I wanted them to go and most of them ended up going across the room or hitting someone.  

8/10 Stars


Those interested in purchasing a copy of Vampires vs Unicorns can find it at these outlets:


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Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor War Game


**A copy of this game was provided to us for this review.**

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