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Toe Sham Bo Review

Toe Sham Bo


Toe Sham Bo is a short card game for two players ages 8+ (Nod who is 6 picked it up easily and managed to win a few rounds) from Zafty Games.  The game plays in under 5 minutes and takes just a few minutes to learn.

The game is a combination of two classic games, tic-tac-toe an roshambo (rock paper scissors).  In the game players are trying to get three cards in a row of their cards with the same icon (ie: 3 rocks, 3 papers, 3 scissors in a row).  While this sounds easy players may play cards on top of cards that have been played as long as the new card beats the old one (paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper) adding a new strategic element t the game.  To add to the chaos players also have bomb cards which remove all the cards in a stack from the game and undo cards which remove the last card played from the game.

This game surprised us with how much fun it was and we kept playing trying to see who could become the best player which was easy since each round only lasted a few minutes.  


Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the game was easy to learn because it was a combination of tic-tac-toe and rock paper scissors.  I loved the bomb cards because it let you remove all of the cards in a stack of cards, and the undo cards. I liked the artwork in this game it was really funny and looked like emojis which was cool.  



Nod’s Thoughts:

I liked that the cards were pictures of the specific paper-rock-scissors characters.  This game was very quick and didn’t take long to play plus it was easy to learn.



Blynken’s Thoughts:

I loved the artwork in the game, it was quite good.  I liked that you had to get 3 in a row but all of the same character of yours to win.    I liked that it was both tic-tac-toe and paper rock scissors together. I loved that the game was so easy to learn but took a lot of strategy to win.  


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