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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Ticket To Ride First Journey App Version

Ticket To Ride: First Journey

App Version

Note:  This review is for the App version of the game, this review will mostly focus on the differences in the two.  To view our review of the board game check it out here

The app takes the game that is already playable by younger players and makes it easier with simple options and added goodies.  While the original game uses city names and creative graphics to identify locations for players to the app colors the cities needed to complete your tickets making them easier to find for children (and people) who are not that good with geography.  in addition to this the game adds some fun animations to the cities which are pretty fun to watch.  These additions take the place of any text requirements in the game making it more easily available to younger players who might need extra help with the board version.

The game can be played with other people (pass and play) or against the included AI with the ability to increase the AI difficulty and includes the ability to play on a new European map (unlocked by logging into or creating an Asmodee Digital account.)  This game is great for those who already have the original game or are interested in it.

Wynken’s Thoughts:  

I liked that you can choose between the Europe and North American boards in the game.  Being able to play the game on my tablet against the computer is a lot of fun.  The sounds and animations are a lot of fun.


Blynken’s Thoughts: 

I liked being able to choose between North America and Europe and being able to play against the robot.  I didn’t like that I kept losing to the robots on ‘easy’ mode but I got better.

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