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The Phantom Society Review

The Phantom Society


Welcome to Scotland, a land of castles, whiskey and GHOSTS!  In The Phantom society you take on the role of a group of spirits attempting to destroy a hotel built upon the ruins of a local distillery or the team of ghost hunters sent in to capture them.  This game by Fun Forge and Iello is for 2-4 players ages 8+ and plays in just 20 minutes.

                            Our ghostly visitors
   A discovered and captured ghost

The game is played on a board consisting of 36 room tiles (9 of each color) each with a value ranging from £1,000 to £6,000 and with each color corresponding to one of the four ghosts.  Play begins with players taking turns placing the tiles in a way that makes (hopefully) easier for their team to win and hindering their opponent. Once all the tiles are placed the ghost players secretly place a ghost under any of the tiles corresponding to their color.   

                             Preparing to play

In the game the ghost players destroy any of the rooms adjacent to one of the ghosts under their control (or they may destroy rooms that are in a straight line from rooms already destroyed) collecting the rooms and adding their values to their score.  Meanwhile the ghost hunters spend their turns trying to pin down where the ghosts are hiding and searching rooms to find them. Unfortunately for the hunters their searches leave the rooms destroyed just as much as the ghosts do so any rooms the hunters search that does not contain a ghost earns points for the ghosts.  

                            The hunt continues

The game continues until the ghosts have inflicted £45,000 worth of damage in tribute to Special 45 – Ol Faydhutee Single Malt or the ghost hunters reveal and capture all of the ghosts.   The game includes an advanced version for players looking to add more suspense and skill to the game but even the base game is a fun, quick deduction game that can be played by children and adults alike.  




Blynken’s Thoughts:


I liked that the ghosts could only hide under tiles of their color which let you identify where they were if more easily if you could figure out what color the ghost was, it also made it fun placing tiles in the beginning because you needed to place carefully.  I also liked that the hunters destroyed rooms that they searched when there were no ghosts in them which helped the ghosts destroy the house.



Wynken’s Thoughts:

    I liked this game because I won


I didn’t like that sometimes the ghosts got stuck in places and could not destroy a room without revealing where they were hiding.  I favorite part being a ghost hunter more than a ghost because it was fun trying to figure out where the ghosts were hiding. I liked that when you found a ghost you knew that you didn’t need to flip over any other tiles of that color.   I liked the graphics in the game because the ghost hunters looked really cool but the ghosts looked funny.


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