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The Game

The Game is a small cooperative card game from Pandasaurus Games for 1-5 players ages 8+ and plays in about 20 minutes.  In The Game players play cards in order trying to keep playing as long as they can just by playing cards in ascending order on two stacks and descending order on two other stacks.  Sounds easy right? Think again!

The Game in progress

The game consists of 4 directional cards (two numbered 1 and two numbered 100) and 98 cards numbered 2-99.  In the game players must play two cards (or more) from their hand next to any of the directional cards. Cards played next to one of the ‘1’ cards must be higher than the last card played while cards played next to the ‘100’ must be lower.  The only exception to this is that players may play a card in the ‘wrong’ direction if it is exactly 10 more/less than the previously played card. Once the deck runs out of cards players are only required to play one card per turn but may play more if desired.  

As we have said before we love games that have a small footprint and can be played quickly.  The Game fits in this perfectly, requiring only 5 stacks of cards and those in your hand. It is a game that can be played just about anywhere.  

Our best game so far, one card left.

Wynken’s Thoughts:


I liked that if the number was a difference of ten you could play it and go the ‘wrong’ direction on a pile.  Being able to play only one card when the deck ran out was also a lot easier and fun. I wish you could only play one card any time, that would be easier.  


Blynken’s Thoughts:

This was a fun game thought I found it really hard because there was only one of each number and it was hard getting the cards in the right order.  I liked that you could go the opposite way if the card was 10 under/over that made the game easier.


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