Flaming Pyramids: Julia Schiller Interview

Interview With Julia Schiller of Cheeky Parrot Games   JC: Im here this afternoon/morning with Julia to chat about their new game Flaming Pyramids coming soon to Kickstarter, hello Julia. Julia: Kia ora šŸ˜Š JC: So let’s start off easy, what can you tell us about the game? Julia: What comes to mind is Norbert… Continue reading Flaming Pyramids: Julia Schiller Interview

Kickstarter Previews

Guardians Gambit – Kickstarter Preview

*This is a protoype copy provided to us by Knights of Norwood, the final components are subject to change.* Guardian’s Gambit is on Kickstarter now from Knights of Norwood.Ā  We highly recommend taking a look at their campaign.Ā Ā Guardian’s Gambit Guardian’s Gambit Guardianā€™s Gambit is a card based combat game for 2 players ages 8+. Ā In… Continue reading Guardians Gambit – Kickstarter Preview