Kickstarter Previews

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

While the farmer’s away the foxes will play.  Or at least that’s what happens in WInner Winner Chicken Dinner, 25th Century Games newest creation coming soon to a Kickstarter near you.  In the game you take on the role of a fox looking to steal as many chickens as they can and cook them into… Continue reading Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Kickstarter Previews

Nut Stash Preview

Nut Stash is a quick playing, dice rolling, dexterity game from DMR Creative Group that plays in about 10 minutes. In the game players join with Team Squirrel or Team Chipmunk to see who can stash the most nuts before winter. It is available on Kickstarter right now can be picked up for just $12… Continue reading Nut Stash Preview


Flaming Pyramids: Julia Schiller Interview

Interview With Julia Schiller of Cheeky Parrot Games   JC: Im here this afternoon/morning with Julia to chat about their new game Flaming Pyramids coming soon to Kickstarter, hello Julia. Julia: Kia ora 😊 JC: So let’s start off easy, what can you tell us about the game? Julia: What comes to mind is Norbert… Continue reading Flaming Pyramids: Julia Schiller Interview

Game Reviews

Super Kitty Bug Slap Review

Super Kitty Bug Slap Super Kitty Bug Slap is a super fast, super exciting, super small card game for 3-5 players ages 6+ from Steve Jackson Games.  In the game each player is dealt a kitty card with a unique color, shape and bug friend.  The dealer will then begin playing cards into the middle… Continue reading Super Kitty Bug Slap Review