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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Star Plus

Star Plus

Star plus is an easy card game with a fair amount of strategy for 2-6 players ages 7+.  In the game players get a hand of cards each with their own number and constellation as they try to to be the first one to get rid of all their cards.  While that task certainly sounds easy it stops there.  Each player must play cards totaling numbers 1-12 based on what the last player played.  The first player plays a card (or cards) totaling 1, the next player player 2 and so forth until they reach 12 (then starting over at 1 again)

If a player plays 3 or more cards to accomplish this task they create a Black Hole which forces the other players to also play 3 or more cards on their turn or get penalized.  If players are unable to play the required number they must draw two new cards to their hand, if they cannot play during a Black Hole they must draw 4 cards instead of 2.   In addition to this some of the cards have special abilities that allow players to steal cards from their neighbors, reverse the turn order, or skip themselves if needed.

The round ends when a player has run out of cards in their hand or the last card has been drawn from the stack in the middle.  At that point players score 1 point for each card played and lose 1 point for each card still in their hands with a bonus 5 points given to the player that got rid o all the cards in their hand (if any).

Blyken’s Thoughts: 


I enjoyed this game a lot.  I liked being able to play multiple cards whose values added up to the required number.  I liked the special cards that changed the game and let you steal points from other players or skip your turn if needed.  

8/10 Stars

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the points are based on the number of cards you played not on the cards values and that you got 5 bonus for getting rid of all  of the cards in your hand. I also liked the special cards because they added an extra level to the game making it more fun.  I enjoyed playing the negative cards which allowed you to play more card combinations and get rid of more cards on your turn.

9/10 Stars

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