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Scavenge Kickstarter Preview


Grow some fur and sneak out into your neighborhood to rummage through the trash cans looking for treasures in Scavenge the card game from Chou Games.  The game is a quick playing push your luck style where players take the roll of local raccoons looking through garbage cans but beware scary noises or spotlights that might scare you away and make your drop the goodies you’ve collected.

In the game players separate the cards into 3 decks each representing a trash can to scavenge from.   Each turn players must choose whether to scavenge or stash.  To scavenge the player must select one of the garbage cans and begin drawing cards from it placing it in front of them and following any directions on the card.  Players may continue scavenging until the can is empty, they choose to stop, or are forced to stop by a drawn card.    If they choose to stash players take their collected garbage from scavenging and place them face up in front of them, only stashed cards count as points.

The game continues until the players empty one of the trashcans or the players have stashed a total of 3 cheeseburger cards.  The game plays quickly taking 10 minutes per session and is a fun take on push your luck games that younger players can understand and enjoy.

Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that some cards made you end your turn and other cards could make you end your turn and discard the cards you had picked up.  I liked this game a lot, I’d pull it out of the garbage.

Wynken’s Thoughts:  

I enjoyed playing this game because it was fast and a lot of fun.  I liked that you had to take one of your turns to stash your scavenged goods.

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