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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Robots Love Ice Cream

Robots Love Ice Cream


In Robots Love Ice Cream you are the intrepid pilot of an intergalactic ice cream truck using your wits and weaponized ice creams to stop the evil Boris Boddington The Third from stealing the universe’s supply of ice cream.  Load up your ice cream truck with special enhancements and stop the evil robots from stealing your delicious.

In the game players collect sets of weaponized ice cream and use them to defeat robots across five different planets of increasing difficulty.  The players must work together to try and save a total of 10 (out of 13 total) ice creams.  To help them in this endeavor they collect Sprinkletonium cards for defeating robots which can be used to gain more cards at the end of their turn or saved until the Purchase Phase (between each planet) to purchase upgrades for your ice cream truck to help you in future rounds.

Players battle the evil robots across 5 different planets before determining if they won or lost as a group.  If they won then the ice cream is saved and points are awarded to individual players for total numbers of saved ice cream and Sprinkletonium remaining at the end of the game to determine who is the Champion of the Galaxy.  The game also includes rules for solo play and variant rules that can make the game more or less difficult for the players which adds more replay-ability.


The game itself is well designed and merges the absurdity of the theme with amazing art and lots of comedy making it perfect for a light game or filler while still offering a decent amount of strategy and a lot of fun in a short game.  

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the planets got harder as the game went on which meant that if you didn’t buy upgrades early in the game it would be hard to beat all the robots.  I liked all the available upgrades for the ice cream trucks, there were some really cool ones.  The artwork and concept behind the game was silly and a lot of fun.

8/10 Stars


Blynken’s Thoughts:

The game was pretty hard for us and we still haven’t won it but its a lot of fun so I don’t mind trying again..and again….and again.  I liked that it was semi-cooperative forcing the players to work together to beat the robots but still having each player try to collect more points than the others.   I liked the truck upgrades because they gave each player special abilities that the others did not have.  I enjoyed getting the sprinkles from defeating robots and being able to use them.  

8/10 Stars

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