Christmas Lights the Card Game – Chad Elkins Interview

Wooden Shoe Games:  We are here tonight with Chad Elkins from 25th Century Games to talk about his upcoming title Christmas Lights The Card Game. Good evening Chad. Chad: Greetings JC. Thanks for the invitation! WSG: We are really looking forward to the game, what can you tell us about it? Chad: The core game… Continue reading Christmas Lights the Card Game – Chad Elkins Interview

Game Reviews

Wooden Shoe Reviews: Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is a game for 2-4 players ages 8+ from Blue Orange Games.  In the game you play as a variety of trees that competes for limited sunlight in a small but fertile forest by growing your trees and spreading seeds across the board.  Using light tokens you will grow your trees from seeds… Continue reading Wooden Shoe Reviews: Photosynthesis

Kickstarter Previews

Guardians Gambit – Kickstarter Preview

*This is a protoype copy provided to us by Knights of Norwood, the final components are subject to change.* Guardian’s Gambit is on Kickstarter now from Knights of Norwood.  We highly recommend taking a look at their campaign.  Guardian’s Gambit Guardian’s Gambit Guardian’s Gambit is a card based combat game for 2 players ages 8+.  In… Continue reading Guardians Gambit – Kickstarter Preview