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Wooden Shoe Game Reviews: OK Play

OK Play


OK Play by Big Potato Games is a small, simple game that packs a decent amount of strategy in a small package.   The game consists of 60 small square tiles (15 each in 4 colors), and a carrying case for them.  No really, that’s it.


The game play is simple enough that even young children can learn it yet has enough complexity that it can give a challenge to adults.  Each player takes their stack of 15 tiles and one at a time places one tile on the table next to any of the other tiles already in play.  When all of the tiles have been placed players may pick up one of their previously played tiles and move it to a new position (so long as all other tiles stay connected in some way).  The first player to get 5 of their tiles in a row (up, down, diagonal) wins the game.

Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked being able to block other players while making your row.  This game is a lot of fun and we can play it anywhere!

9/10 Stars

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the you were able to go up, down, across, or diagonal to win the game and that you were able to re-position your tiles if you ran out until someone won the game.  I liked this game a lot.

9/10 Stars

Nod Thoughts:

This game is a lot of fun, I liked placing the tiles and blocking other people.

8/10 Stars

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