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Nut Stash Preview

Nut Stash is a quick playing, dice rolling, dexterity game from DMR Creative Group that plays in about 10 minutes. In the game players join with Team Squirrel or Team Chipmunk to see who can stash the most nuts before winter. It is available on Kickstarter right now can be picked up for just $12 at

Nut Stash is a simple game containing only 3 different types of cards (Nuts, Stashes, and Predators), and a handful of dice (1 per player). To play the game players flip over cards one at a time and roll until one of the player’s rolls a number matching the card. If more than one player rolls the matching number then the first player to grab the card gets to keep it.

Stash cards are placed in front of the player that collected them while nut cards may be played on top of a stash card or on the table for future stashing. Stash cards can be filled by adding up nut cards so their total value matches that of the stash. This continues until all of the cards are gone at which point players have the chance to steal un-stashed nuts from other players in an attempt to complete their own stashes.

Once all the players are done stealing nuts the cards are scored with players earning points for full stashes and losing points for unstashed nuts and incomplete stashes. Players can also earn bonus points for things like stashing certain nut in certain stashes and stashing 3 nut cards in a stash.

If you’re interested in Nut Stash check out their kickstarter and get a copy of your own at

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