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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Nightmare Forest – Udder Terror

Udder Terror

Udder Terror is a short mini card game based off the Nightmare Forest line of games from SolarFlare Games.  The game is for 2 players ages 6+ and plays in about 10 minutes.   In the game players use their space ship tractor beams to try and see who can capture the most cows in a 3×3 or 4×4 field.

To play the game players lay the cattle cards out in a grid pattern on the table as agreed on (3×3 or 4×4) and take turns moving them around the pasture and placing their tractor beam cards.  Each turn players may pick up one card from the pasture, if the card is an event card they must follow the directions on the card.  If the card is a cow card they may pick up a second card.  If the second card is a cow card they place both cards back in the pasture in their original positions or switched positions.  After picking up the cards and replacing them as required the player places one of their numbered tractor beams on one of their sides of the pasture.

When both players have played all of their tractor beams play ends and players see how many cows were collected.  Tractor beams are flipped and totaled then players flip over each cow card one at a time.  The player with the highest score for that row/column wins the cow and adds it to their score pile.

Wynken’s Thoughts:

This game was a lot of fun!  I liked that it was fast and easy because we got to play a lot of games in a little time.  I liked how the cows looked really funny on the cards.

8/10 Stars

Blynken’s Thoughts:

This game was fun and funny.  The cards are fun to look at with the cows on them.  The rules were easy and we learned it quickly though Wynken won a lot.

7/10 Stars

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