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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Nightmare Forest – Alien Invasion

Nightmare Forest – Alien Invasion

As if zombie animals and stolen cows weren’t enough this time the Nightmare Forest gives us Aliens (maybe someone should just burn that thing to the ground already).  Nightmare Forest – Alien Invasion is a cooperative card game for 1-6 players ages 8+ that plays in under an hour.  In the game you and your friends must once again venture into the Nightmare Forest and clear out the aliens that have taken up residence there or die trying.

To do this players must explore the forest made up of cards each with a difficulty 1-4 in a specified number of turns (depending on the level of difficulty desired).  Each player starts with a random item and skill which determines their starting health and special ability during the game.  In order to survive they must be able to work together as a team using each other’s strengths.  As they search the forest they may run across a mix of aliens, items that may help them in their fight, or allies that can assist in battling the aliens (hey kids, lets go camping in the Nightmare Forest nothing bad will happen to us I’m sure).

Unfortunately everything in Nightmare Forest comes with at a cost and wandering around battling aliens can take a lot out of you.  Each round players start with a specified number of dice, this starts at 4 and can be increased by increasing the player’s level as aliens are defeated.  Moving, searching for gear, healing your friends all take away dice from your dice pool which limits your ability to fight any aliens you may run across.  With your most valuable resource in limited supply and the clock steadily counting down towards invasion you must learn to balance everything if you want to survive the night.

As Shaun prepared to enter the Nightmare Forest little did he know that a monster watched from the shadows.

Wynken Thoughts:

This game was a lot of fun I liked it a lot.  The art was really fun to look at and the aliens were funny looking.  I enjoyed that the aliens had different tiers so you knew if they were harder or easier before attacking them.  I liked the gear cards and that the better weapons caused noise that would attract more aliens to where you were (why does running through the forest firing a shotgun not alert anyone to your presence in the movies).  I liked that each game you got a new special ability so that it was different every time we played.   I can’t wait to play this again.  

9/10 Stars


Blynken Thoughts:

I liked the special abilities in the game and that each ability did something different which made each game different.  We even found the aliens from Nightmare Forest – Udder Terror…and killed them.  I liked that you could combine some of the weapons together to make a bigger weapon with a stronger attack.  I liked being able to level up in the game and get more dice to help you attack stronger aliens.  I loved this game!

9/10 Stars

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