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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Letters To Santa

Letters To Santa

Letters to Santa is a small game for 2-4 players ages 10+ from Alderac Entertainment Group.  The game is one of many themed versions of their popular game Love Letter.  In the game you are trying to get your Christmas list to Santa Clause by either being the last person left or by getting it to the person or thing closest to him at the end (elves, toys, Mrs Clause, or even the big man himself.)

We’re a couple of misfits.

To accomplish this task you utilize cards, each card has a character and set of instructions.  Every player starts the game with 1 card in their hand and every turn they draw one card then play one card (leaving them one one card remaining).  The cards have special abilities that can help you by letting you see other players hands, letting you guess what other players have in their hands (if you guess right that player is out of the round), protecting you from other players cards,  etc.

Each round ends when one player is left or the last card from the deck has been played.  Any remaining players compare their hands and the player with the highest value card wins and gets their letter to Santa receiving a present token in return.  The cards are then shuffled and re-dealt and the game begins with a new round.  The first person to receive enough gift tokens(7 tokens in a 2 player game, 5 tokens in a 3 player game, 4 tokens in a 4 player game) wins the game.

This is one of our go-to games because it is small enough to it into your pocket, plays quickly and can be played just about anywhere.

C’mon Mrs Clause help me reach Santa.

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked this game because I liked pretending that you’re writing letters to Santa.  The game is fun because you have to figure out what the other players have based on which cards have already been played and when.  The game plays very quickly so even if you are out of the round you don’t have to wait very long before you can be back in he game.

9/10 Stars

Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that all of the cards have numbers (1-8) and that having Santa Clause can help you win the game (having him when the round ends) or lose (discarding Santa for any reason makes you lose the game).  I like that the game plays quickly and is small because we can play it anywhere.

10/10 Stars

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