Interview With Clinton Morris – Designer of Hunt The Ravager


Team Wooden Shoe:  We are here with Clinton Morris of Inthereal Games designer of the upcoming Hunt The Ravager.  Hello Clinton

Clinton: Hello JC and the Wooden Shoe

Team Wooden Shoe:  Let’s start off easy, can you tell us a little about the game?

Clinton: Hunt the Ravager is a hidden movement (hide and seek) boardgame for 2 players.  It is played on a modular board making the replayability of the game much higher.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Sounds fun, Wynken wants to know what gave you the idea for the game?

Clinton: I really like the idea of hidden movement, these are in bigger games like Scotland Yard, Fury of Dracula, and Letters from Whitechapel. I also wanted to take these big box games and make a fun experience for 2 players.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Blynken asks What about the story/characters where did those come from?

Clinton: I wrote a short story in college about a group of alchemists, and from this world I created the Matishan (used be called Egmatisha,  but it’s too hard to say). The Ravager was made up during the creation of the game, and the lore has been evolving as the game has come this far.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Can you tell us a little more about the world this is set in (we love a good theme).

Clinton: So the characters are the Matisha, Shepherds and Ravager. Matisha are beings made up of concentrated shadows who like to have the form of humans. Before the Matisha created a peaceful utopia, they were cannibals. Taking on the shape of mighty creatures and feeding on others to make themselves even more powerful.A group of these,  decided to hide in the Hornback mountain range,  and build protective barriers to keep other Matisha out. They stored their magical fuel in Silos that power the barrier. As time has passed, the Matishan built cities and Oracle’s that have helped them unify and expand peacefully.  But some of the outsiders could not leave them alone,  and they created the mechanical insectoid terrors known as the Ravagers.

Clinton:The Ravagers passed through the barriers,  and have one goal,  steal or destroy the silos.  The Matishan are not equipped to fight these Ravagers and have reached out to a guild of warriors known as the Shepherds for help.  They have sent 3 of their warriors to hunt down the Ravagers before its too late.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Sounds like a rich environment.  Blynken wants to know if you have any other games planned in that world?

Clinton: Yes, I have 3 other games set in the same world. Casting Shadows deals with the living conditions outside the barrier.  Golem Factory is in the same universe but deals with human kind on another continent.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Blynken again, do you have any expansions planned for Hunt The Ravager?

Clinton: Yes, I have a 3 player expansion in the works for some time in the future. There are mysterious events surrounding the creation of the Ravagers, and that game will explore that story. Also the real reason for the barriers.

Clinton: I am not revealing any more about that at the moment

Team Wooden Shoe:  Wynken asks how long have you been working on Hunt The Ravager?  What was the hardest part in designing it?

Clinton: I have been working since October 5th.  The hardest part to design was how long the rounds would last.  I think one of the hardest parts is the need to listen to blind playtesters, many amazing ideas are given and you can not use them all.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Blynken wants to know if you have any advice to new game designers?

Clinton: Build a prototype as soon as you can. It does not need to look pretty. Also write down your rules in a notebook,  and be ready to change the rules often to see what works. Eventually you will understand what works,  but do not be too attached to your game that you can not make changes that will ultimately make the game better.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Nod now wants to know what your favorite game is?

Clinton: My favorite game is Crosstrack, it was a game I played so much with my dad growing up.  So many good memories around that game.  It’s a path building game. You are trying to connect your side to the other before your opponent can. It uses plastic hexagons with different paths on them.

Team Wooden Shoe:  Do you have a favorite theme or mechanic?

Clinton: My favorite theme is anything surrounding war.  Favorite mechanic is drafting

Team Wooden Shoe:  So when can we expect to find Hunt The Ravager on Kickstarter and can you tell us anything extra we might look forward to in the campaign?

Clinton: September 5th is the launch date. And I have quite a few cool add-ons and stretch goals in the works. One of the pledge levels will have original artwork.  Add ons will have the original art as the cards,  also there will be a playmat. Some of the stretch goals will be new locations, new powers for the Ravager, maybe a mini for the silo (still in development)

Team Wooden Shoe:  That sounds great, I think that’s it from us thanks for joining us this evening.  Looking forward to seeing the campaign in September

Clinton: Thanks for talking with me

Team Wooden Shoe:  We do have one last question before we go though, are you #TeamShepherd or #TeamBrotherhood?

Clinton: I am #teamalchemist but for the sake of this interview I am #teambotherhood I just know their motivation.


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