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Go Away Monster – A Blynken Review

Go Away Monster is a competitive or cooperative game depending on how you play. It is for 2-4 players ages 3+.

Cooperative Play

In cooperative games, you and all other players take a bedroom board, fill the bag with all the tiles, and prepare to play. The oldest player starts first, and play will continue clockwise. On your turn, you draw a tile from the bag. If it is a piece you need on the board, keep it. If you already have the tile, give it to someone else. If it is a monster, throw it in the box and shout “Go Away Monster!”. Play continues  until the bag is empty or all boards are filled.

Competitive Play

Competitive game setup is the same as cooperative. This time, play continues in the same order, but whoever fills a bord first wins. Also, if you already have a piece on your board, discard it back in the bag.

Lesley’s Thoughts

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! It is a lot of fun and I love playing it with my brothers. I really don’t like the monsters, but some of them look funny. I like to play the competitive game mostly because I always win. 

10/10 stars

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