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Ghost Fighting Treasure Hunters – A Blynken Review

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters! Is a cooperative game by Mattel GamesTM. It takes 2-4 players, for ages 8+. 

Object of the Game

In this game players must work together to both fight the ghosts and collect all the treasures and escape to win the game. They must do this before 6 hauntings are on the board, which officially haunts the house, and you lose.


The setup for this game is fairly simple. First you set up the board by putting 1 treasure in each room with a red letter at the top left corner, and a ghost in each room with an outlined circle. You put your movers at the front door, shuffle the deck, and play. For the basic game, leave out the locked door and draw+shuffle cards. Those are only for advanced.

Game Rules

Basic: Players take turns moving their treasure hunters through the house, fighting off ghosts and collecting gems. The order of play is as follows:

  1. Roll movement die
  2. Reveal ghost card
  3. Move
  4. Pick up or drop off gems
  5. Fight ghosts

Rolling the die: roll the white numbered die.

Reveal Ghost Card: If you roll any number from 1 to 5 you draw a card and place a ghost in the corresponding room.

Move: move your piece according to the number rolled. You may move through any of the doors in the rooms to go from room to room, or into and out of the hallway.

Pick up or drop off gems: If you are in a room with no ghosts and a gem, you may pick up that gem. If you make it outside with a gem, it is dropped off in the pile.

Fight ghosts: If you are in a room with ghosts, you may roll 1 die (2 if there is more than 1 person in the room) and if it lands on a green ghost, it is removed. For a haunting, you must have 2 players in a room and you need to roll a red ghost on at least 1 die.

Advanced: uses the same game rules, with a few exceptions.

  1. You must pick up gems in number order using the number on the back. Place the numbers face down.
  2. There are new cards that can make doors unusable, and make you draw 3 or 2 cards, then shuffle.
  3. If all players are in different rooms with a gem in their backpack, and a haunting is in a room, the game ends.


It was fun fighting the ghosts, but the hauntings got really annoying, as you need 2 people to destroy it.



I really liked this game, and I rate it 10/10


I really liked the game, and I thought the red ghosts were cool


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