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Forbidden Island – A Blynken Review

Forbidden Island is a cooperative game by GAMEWRIGHT. It takes 2-4 players, for ages 10+.

Object of the Game

Your team of adventurers must work together to keep the island from sinking, buying you enough time to collect all 4 of the treasures. Then, with the treasure, your team must make it to fools landing, and escape by helicopter. If you fail to complete your mission before the island sinks, your mission is failed.

To set up Forbidden Island, place the tiles with the blue side facing down and the 4 treasures on the corners of the island.  Once the board is set up, randomly deal 1 adventurer card to each person, and give them the corresponding pawn shown on the card. Finally, deal each player 3 treasure cards, and draw the top 6 flood cards, flooding the corresponding tiles.

On your turn, you will take 3 actions, draw 2 treasure cards, and draw flood cards equal to the number on the flood meter. Some examples of actions are:

Moving: You may move once per action to an adjacent tile. you may move onto a flooded tile, but not a missing tile.

Shoring up a tile (removing the flood): For 1 or more of your actions, you can flip a flooded tile adjacent to you to you to the other side.

Giving a treasure card: You may give 1 treasure card to a player on the same tile as you for 1 action

Capturing a treasure: For 1 action you may capture a treasure if you are on the corresponding tile and have 4 of that kind of treasure card.

After this, you draw your treasure cards. You draw 2 cards from the top of the deck and add them to your hand, unless it is a water rise.

Finally, you draw a flood card for the number on the flood meter. Then you flood those tiles.

After your turn is down, play continues clockwise.\

You can lose By sinking fools landing, both of 1 kind of temple without getting the treasure, if water level is at the skull, or if a player sinks and has no tile to swim to.


I enjoyed this game, mostly because of the cooperative aspects. My favorite role was probably the pilot. I would recommend this to anyone.

7/10 stars


I probably enjoyed his game more than Wynken. We got really close to losing on our first try, but eventually we won. My favorite role was the scuba diver, because you can travel through flooded cards. This game is extremely fun, and we would recommend it to anyone.


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