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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Dos


After years of waiting the sequel to the classic card game Uno has arrived with Dos.   Dos is a card game for 2-4 players 7+ and plays in about half an hour though each round can be played in just a few minutes.  Like its predecessor the object of the game is to be the first person to run out of cards though it contains an extra level of strategy that we did not expect.  

The game consists of numbered cards in 4 different colors and # cards which can be used as any number the active player desires.  To start the game the players turn two cards face up on the table next to the deck. On a player’s turn they may play a card with a number matching one of the two cards or two cards that add up to the number.   They may do this on any or all of the available cards in the center of the table as long as they have the cards to do so. If the player places a card that matches the number AND color of the card they may play another card into the center of the table at the end of their turn allowing them to get rid of even more cards on their turn.  Players who are unable to play on one of the two center cards must draw a card to their hand and then either play or place one of their cards in the center.

With the added bonus allowing players to add more cards in the center to play on there is the chance that on a players turn there may be many potential combinations and the chance to play many cards in a single turn.  When a player has 2 cards in their hand they must immediately yell “DOS” or draw another card into their hand. When a player runs out of cards they score points for each card left in other player’s hands. Play continues until one player reaches 200 points and is declared the winner.  

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the # symbol counted as any number in that color because it could help you get the higher numbers and get rid of more cards.  I also liked the ‘2’ wild cards because they counted as any color but also gave your opponent 40 points if you had one in your hand when they ran out of cards.  This was not the best game but was definitely a good game.

9/10 Stars

Blynken’s Thoughts

I liked that the Wild Dos card could be any color instead of just one color because it allowed you go get a double color match more easily.  I also liked that the # cards counted as any number because it allowed you to get rid of cards faster since you could make it any number you wanted.  My favorite part was that there were multiple piles of cards that you could play on so you had more choices available on your turn. I think this game was twice as fun as Uno.  

10/10 Stars

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