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Crab Dash – Kicstarter Preview

Crab Dash – Kickstarter Preview

Crab Dash is a crab racing/betting game for 2-6 players from Cohio Games.  In the game players take turns maneuvering 6 crabs around a race track vying for position and trying to bet on who they think the winner will be.  

The gameplay is simple a moves quickly enough that younger players can stay interested.  Each turn players roll 3 dice which determine which of the crabs move an how far they go.  The white die identifies which of the crabs move and the large red and blue dice determine if the crabs move 1 or two spaces forward down the track or sideways.  After moving the crabs players can perform two of the following actions:  

  • Place one of their betting cubes to bet on which crab will win
  • Place one of their betting cubes to bet which lane they will finish in.
  • Play one of their cards
  • Sell one of their cards for money
  • Do nothing

Play continues in this fashion until the first three crabs have finished the race at which point it ends and bets are paid out.  Betting cubes placed on the three winning crabs pay out depending on where the crab placed (1st place pays 9 per cube, second pays 7 per cube and 3rd pays 5 per cube).  Betting cubes on the winning lanes pay either 2 or 3 per cube depending on where the bet was placed.  

We found this game to be a fun and quick game that was easy enough for the children to understand  while still being fun for everyone else.  The dice adds a certain luck factor which can make the outcomes very random while the cards give players the ability to directly affect the gameplay in a more direct manner.  This game was an instant hit with our family with the comically designed crabs and simple rules keeping it fun for everyone.  

Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that all the crabs were on the board no matter how many players were playing the game.  I liked being able to bet on either crabs or lanes so that you had lots of options in betting and getting money.  I loved the artwork in the game and how each crab had different art on their shell it was fun watching my favorite crabs win.  Also the trophies looked really cool and the loser trophies were really funny.

10/10 Stars

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that you could bet on some lanes that would give you 3 money if any of the crabs finished in that lane and other betting sections that would give you 2 money to bet on two lanes next to each other.  I liked betting on the crabs and using the cards and re-roll tokens to try and get the crabs you were betting on to try and win the race.   I liked being able to sell the cards for money or use them in the game so that I had more options on what to do with them.  I loved the artwork on the crabs they were silly looking.  

10/10 Stars


Nod’s Thoughts:

I liked using the cards because they could give you money or keep the crabs from moving or make them move.  I liked rolling the dice and moving the crabs down the board until one of the crabs reached the end space and won.  Plus I really liked the kitty cat crab and the one with bones on it that was so silly.  I liked the dice they were really cool and were big and easy to understand.  

11/10 Stars


Those looking to purchase Crab Dash can find it on Kickstarter now at

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