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Cookin’ Cookies

Cookin’ Cookies

Cookin’ Cookies is a fast paced set collection game for 2-4 players ages 4+.  In the game players try to be the first to collect all of the required ingredients listed on their recipe card in order to make their cookies.  In order to do this players must use their Cookie Smackin’ Spoon (a plastic spoon with a suction cup attached) to pick up ingredients they need from the pile of available ingredients.  Once a player picks up an ingredient they may check it to see if it is something needed for their recipe they can keep it, otherwise they put it back.  If they are unlucky enough to pick up a Rotten Egg card play immediately stops, the player must return all of their collected ingredient cards to the pile, mixes it, and play continues.  The first person to gather all of their required ingredients wins the game.

Cookin’ Cookies comes in a small tin and while it lacks the potential strategy available in other games its simple rules and larger player area make it a great choice for younger players.

Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that the rotten eggs made you stop the game and get rid of your entire hand making you start over again.  Also the special ingredients in the cookies are different for each type of cookies which means you can find ingredients that you don’t need.

10/10 Start

Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked slapping the cards with the spoons and that the rotten eggs made you put everything back so even players who were slower had a chance.

10/10 Stars

Nod’s Thoughts:

I liked using the spoons to pick up the ingredients it was a lot of fun.  I like that this is a game I can play and win.

10/10 Stars

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