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Cards Against Humanity Family Edition – Wynken Reviews

The game cards against humanity family edition is an awesome twist on the original version made for adults,while this version is made for the whole family. The game is for ages 8+ and is made for 3-20 players. In this fun family game players take turns making funny and hilarious matches.


Separate the white cards and place them into several even stacks then make a separate stack for the black cards. Then deal each player ten white cards that is their hand.


One person draws a black card and reads it out loud. The other players then try to make the funniest match. To do so each player chooses a white card that they think is the funniest and hands it to the card czar the card czar then shuffles all the white cards and one by one reads them out loud with the black to answer the question or fill in the blank. After the card czar has read all the white cards he then determines who’s card was the funniest. Whoever played the card that the card czar chose keeps the black card and that counts as one point. Play continues clockwise until you decide to stop playing. Then everyone counts the amount of black cards they have and whoever has the most wins.

Blynkens thought  9/10 this game was very enjoyable because of the hilarious combinations that we always ended up with.

Nod’s thoughts 10/10 it is a great game, it’s funny, and I suggest you play it with your family. I was laughing non stop with my brothers on some of the matches we made.

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