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Wooden Shoe Reviews: Bugs & Co

Bugs & Co

Bugs & Co is a quick memory/strategy game for 2-8 players ages 8+.  The game plays fast with most games being over in a matter of minutes.  In the game players race to collect sets of 3 matching monsters from a pile on the table using only one hand.  When they find a tile they want to keep they place it in their ther hand removing it from the game. At any time players may pick up one of the trophy tokens ending their play and collecting the point value.  

When all of the trophies have been collected the players holding them count to 10 ending the game.  Players earn 3 points for each complete set of 3 matching monster tiles but lose 1 point for each tile they picked up.  The game plays quickly but the radomness and constantly changing layout made it difficult to collect the pieces needed to make a set causing the winner to be the person who quit playing soonest.  










Wynken’s Thoughts:

I didn’t like this game because it was very hard to figure out in the time frame, when we played the only people who won picked up no tiles except for the trophies.  It was very hard to keep track of what tiles were where with other people moving the tiles and picking them up.



Blynken’s Thoughts:

I did not like this game because it was very confusing and not very fun.  I also had trouble holding the pieces in my hand



Nod’s Thoughts:

I didn’t like this game because it was really hard for me to remember what tiles i was trying to get and the tiles didn’t stay in my hand very well.  


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