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Brandon The Brave Review

Brandon The Brave

Brandon the Brave is a tile laying strategy game for 2-4 players ages 5+ from Haba Games.  In the game you play as one of the knaves of the infamous knight Conrad the Confused.  While Conrad searches the countryside for his lost horse the players must go out and complete epic quests to prove they are worthy to become brave knights as well.  

Players are given 4-6 special tasks to complete depending on the number of players in the game, the task cards each have an illustration depicting the task and an option of two colored X’s showing the possible location in which it can be completed.  

Each turn players take turn placing one tile and then taking any actions appropriate.  To place a tile players must ensure that all of the sides touching any other tiles (field side placed to field side, cross side paced next to cross side, etc).  If you are unable to find a possible place to lay your tile put it back in the stack and draw a new one.  After placing a tile the player checks to see if any of the following actions can be carried out:  

  • Complete one of their tasks – If a player places a tile so that two of the cross spaces match up and match one of the crosses on their task cards they may play that card as completed.
  • Winning the Joust – If a player plays the last tile to complete a jousting circle they may place one of their task cards there as completed.  
  • Meeting with Conrad the Confused – A player who places a tile adjacent to Conrad the Confused may immediately place another tile.  
  • Finding Conrad the Confused’s horse – players may move Conrad the Confused across the board each time a tile is played depicting his horse.  


The game continues in this fashion until one player places his last task card or all of the terrain tiles have been played.  The game is a great introduction to tile placement and similar strategies for smaller children and plays quickly enough that it keeps their interest.  It has been a hit at our house since it was first played.  


Blynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that finishing the jousting tournament (matching all the tents in a circle) let you complete one of your tasks.  I liked matching the tiles to build the game and complete your tasks to win the game.  Conrad helping you in the game was a fun mechanic because it allowed you to get an extra turn if you played next to him.  

9/10 Stars


Wynken’s Thoughts:

I liked that if you played a tile with Conrad The Confused’s horse it moved him around the board and that if you played a tile next to where he was you got to play another tile.  I liked matching the tiles to complete your tasks and win the game.  I liked trying to finish the jousting tournament to complete tasks if possible.  I especially liked that I won this game every time we played 😀

9/10 Stars

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