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Bunny Bedtime

Bunny Bedtime

Bunny Bedtime  is a game for 1+ players ages 2+ that generally plays in under 10 minutes.  Since it’s a game designed for two year olds there’s not a lot of ‘game’ to it but it has many game mechanics that can be helpful to develop early in young gamers.  

To play the game set out the board, the shape pieces and the die (with colors on its sides).  Each turn players take turns rolling the die and moving the bunny to the corresponding color down the board.  Each time the bunny moves to a new color they it performs one of the tasks that must be accomplished before going to bed with players making simple choices like whether its pajamas will be striped or polka dots.  

The game ends when the bunny reaches the end o the board and goes to bed. There really isn’t anything groundbreaking here or terribly exciting but our youngest loved it.  For her it was exciting that she got to play a game that was hers and not watch everyone else play the games.  The game itself teaches some basics such as taking turns, rolling dice, basic decision making, etc which can be build upon in life.  

Luna’s Thoughts:  (JC’s Note:  When I asked if she liked the game and what she thought about it this is what she told me)

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.   I like the bunny.  This game its all mine.  Funny bunny hahahaha.  Goodnight Daddy.

Bunny/10 Stars

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