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Are You A Robot

Are you a robot?  Are they a robot? Is any of us a robot?  These are the important questions that must be determined in the new micro game from Looney Labs – Are You A Robot.  This game for 2-3 players consists of only 3 cards(2 Human and 1 Robot) and a set of rules so it easily fits inside your pocket, bag, wallet, shoe, just about anywhere plus it can be played ANYWHERE (we have not tested this statement and are not liable for anything you may do while playing this game). 

In the two player game each player is given one of the cards randomly and looks at their own card then the fun begins.  Players must try and figure out if their opponent is a robot while trying to convince them that they are indeed human. If this sounds easy, its not but it IS fun.  The game ends in two different ways.  

A: A human player can kill their opponent by pointing at them and saying “ZAP” (robots can’t shoot, you know for reasons).  If the opponent is a robot then the human player wins because they have found the robot and survived.  If the opponent was human then both players have lost (because murder is bad and getting murdered is bad - I shoudnt have to be telling you this but here we are).  
B:  Both players can agree that they are indeed human and shake hands. If they were correct and they were both humans then both players win and get to live out the rest of their lives in peace and harmony...until they play again.  If one of the players is a dirty lying robot in disguise that handshake never ends and the robot wins the game.  

In the three player game you know ONE of the players is a robot (unless you’re really bad at math, if so that’s ok we won’t judge) so there is no handshake.  The only way to end this game is for one of the humans to shoot another player (robots still can’t shoot). If the robot is shot then the humans win if a human is shot then the robot wins (see above if you’re still confused about the murder bit).  

This game plays FAST and gets everyone laughing, even the ones that lost.  We have lost count of how many times we’ve played the game since opening the packet.  As soon as one game ended the cards were shuffled and another game began again. You can’t go wrong with this one. 

Blynken’s Thoughts:

He even LOOKS like a robot!

Am I a robot?  I don’t know, maybe?  Are you? *GRINS* This game was a lot of fun.  I accidently did shoot my brother once when he was a human too which was really funny.  The two player game was easy in the two player mode and a little harder in the three player version but still a lot of fun in both.  My favorite role was as the human because you just had to figure out if they were a human or just shoot them and hope for the best. I have one last thing to *ZAP*.


Wynken’s Thoughts:

Most Likely To Zap His Brother

Am I a robot?  No of course not, I wish I was that would be really cool actually.  I liked the design of the game and the artwork and stuff. My favorite role was the robot because you knew that everyone else playing was a human and all you had to do was to get the other person to shake your hand and NEVER LET GO!!!  I preferred the two player game because it was easier to figure out what the other person was.  


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